Moon Bath – for the Bride

Before the wedding

For women, it is a tradition to believe in the enigmatic and alluring energy of the moon that purifies and softens -from inside out- their delicate figure. The ancient Greeks offered this rite to women that were going to lose their virginity after marriage; for this special occasion, Greek women had their skin cleansed with a mix of milks and their hair was scented.

For the bride that wants to look more beautiful than ever on the eve of her wedding, this is an excellent option to relieve the anxiety and nerves that take over future wives. This ritual allows you to submerge in the calm of low lights, with exquisite aromas and a delightful massage with salts and oils that blend together to invigorate all the pores from the bride’s skin.


  • Full relaxing body massage
  • Facial and Body exfoliation and moisturizing mask
  • Capillary moisturizing
  • Sauna and relaxing bath in the tub with aromatic foam, rose petals and essential oils plus a fruit punch


Price for person: $277.000 Includes Taxes


1 Hour and 30 Minutes

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