Get caught up in the fantastic stories of La Candelaria

  • Accommodation for two in Standard room
  • Breakfast buffet
  • Relaxation in Thermae Spa (Pool, Jacuzzi, Sauna and Turkish)
  • 5-step tasting menu
  • Tour of Ghosts through the historic center
  • Chocolates

Value of the plan

  • Colonial Standard Room: $567.000 Inc. IVA
  • Standard Deco Room: $599.000 Inc. IVA


Continuing with our proposal of letters by season, we present our latest proposal for this year 2019. Between September and December a tribute to the 170 years of the death of this great composer and piano virtuoso. Polish by birth knew how to circumvent the era of classical romanticism amid the failure of the Polish revolution. Just as this sublime composer of pleasure with his extreme notes of romanticism and beautiful melancholy embodied in his Night, so it is our wish that customers of the restaurants of the Hotel de la Opera enjoy a tidal wave of flavors and pleasures where the great difference in the sector is the exclusivity of “gastronomic taste”.

In this proposal of dishes where our great differential is the staging of classic new world dishes that range from:

    • Puchero Santafereño
    • Fiambre Montañero
    • Cornish Hen a la Naranja
    • Salmon L´oseille


Also this time for the first time you can taste a whole fish of 1 kilo freshly caught in Bahía Solano.

  • Menu: As for the vegetarian proposal, dishes such as Omelette with Vegetables and Serum Costeño or an exquisite pasta of Fetuccines Bolognese made with Textured Soy among others, will make your stay in our restaurant an unforgettable experience.


Be enchanted in our magical Spa

  • Full body massage with exfoliation for 30 minutes each
  • Moisturizing facial mask
  • Rest circuit (Pool, Jacuzzi, sauna and Turkish)

Menu: Light accompanied by a drink


Value of the plan

  • Value for both people, Friday and Weekends: $395,000 Inc IVA
  • Tuesday to Thursday (15% discount): $335,000 Inc IVA
  • Value for one person: $198,000 Inc IVA
  • Duration: 4 Hours


Enchanted Forest

  • Relaxing massage for 30 minutes each
  • Moisturizing facial mask 10 minutes
  • Tub bath
  • An adult rest circuit (Pool, Jacuzzi, sauna and Turkish)
  • A child (Pool)

Menu: Delicious chocolate strawberries for two people

  • Value for both people: $339,000 Inc IVA
  • Additional child / adult value: $154,000 Inc IVA
  • Tuesday to Thursday (10% special discount)
  • Duration: 4 Hours

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