Business Events

Opera Catering wants to advise any aspect of your event in which you are the host while we guarantee the satisfaction of your guests.We offer a flexible catering and a plenty of variety, it can be adaptable to any space or place of the city or its surroundings; we certificate the planning from the minor detail like the election of the menu, until the decoration of the event.Thanks to the Hotel de la Opera Catering service, you will be able to enjoy our exceptional cuisine. We have a staff concentrated exclusively for this service lead by the Chef Luis Miguel Rangel member of the Colombian Gastronomy Academic, also he will be with our designer Liliana Arbelaez who combine the forms and colors of the flowers with the thematic or purpose of your event.Our Somelier will be on charge to select the wines and drinks that assure the best and unique experience.

Trust values

  • Professional team and passionately motivated by the service.
  • Premium raw material and certified suppliers.
  • Logistics and processes standardized.
  • Speed and security of response to your needs.
  • Our quality management system ensures compliance with the highest standards in all processes.

Offer of Experiences


Breakfast and Coffee Break Service

The best and most exquisite ingredients transformed with love to present delicious products with the contemporaneity of the traditional.


Corporate and Business Service

With the elegance and sobriety of the Hotel de la Opera we support your business meetings, board meetings, special customer receptions, product launches, cocktails and more, as our kitchen and service will be at the place and time you require it.


Social Events Service

Marriages, birthdays and other social events will be supported in your residences or the place that you choose; Your main concern will be only the best host and be prepared to receive many congratulations.


Institutional Service

If your company has casino or cafeterias we offer food and, safe and reliable service. We operate Business Casinos, Cafes and Kitchens in Hotels, Clinics and Educational Institutions.

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