Personal Restoration

We offer you a whole day in a discreet environment where the pleasure of relaxation is breathed and harmony and tranquility predominate. Enjoy our wet area that will help you relax your muscles, release toxins and stress through water. Then the relaxing body massage, using special products for hydration that leave no residue in the body and to finish an exfoliation and hydrating mask to reduce nervous tension and detoxify the skin.


  • Wet areas access to pool, Jacuzzi, Sauna,Turkish and Cardiovascular Area.
  • Relaxing drink without liquor: Natural Juice and Special Menu Light.
  • Relaxing Full Body Massage withAromatherapy of 30 Minutes Exfoliation and Moisturizing Mask


8 hours

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Send us an email to or call to the number (571) 336 2066 Ext. 130 and we will help you with your reservation.