Colombians are distinguished by the UN for their environmental work

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Colombians are distinguished by the UN for their environmental work

From lawyers to academics, they were noted for their work in preserving the environment.

Historically, the role of women in the care and conservation of the environment has been poorly recognized, much less when talking about communities with conflict and violence problems.

That is why UN women together with UN environment and the Natura Foundation launched the book ‘Women who care for nature. Stories of environmental defenders in Colombia ’, a publication that seeks to make visible those women who stand out for their role and development of projects in environmental care.

“The book shows those women who are pioneers in this field, who for example in the 70s were seeking in Congress the protection of Tayrona National Park or participated in international negotiations that led to the creation of the United Nations Program for the Environment (Pnuma), even the young people who are now starting their career in environmental defense. ”, explained Juan Bello, head of the project office of the UN Colombia.

Also, Bello stressed that the idea of the book is to inspire women to empower themselves in their role and put on the table “the need to establish institutions and policies in environments that allow women to exercise safely with all the support and guarantees of that leadership. ”

29 women were chosen in the publication, here are some of them: