Hotel sector is formed in prevention of domestic violence

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Hotel sector is formed in prevention of domestic violence

Bogotá, June 23, 2017. For the first time the private sector of the hotel guild of Bogotá, joined the initiative of Bogotá Best for All, through the District Secretariat of Social Integration, to prevent domestic violence within and outside the family environments through the prevention strategy: Protective Environments and Safe Territories.

The initiative was received by about 30 people from the Hotel the Opera, where they received, from the District, training workshops on different topics such as: human rights approach, differential approach, gender approach, life path approach and territorial approach.

Today we are in this important place, which is part of the hotel chain in Bogotá, where it joins a strategy to assume a responsibility for the prevention of sexual and commercial exploitation and the prevention of domestic violence with its employees and family members. It is important to mention that this hotel is a pioneer in the prevention strategy through its good corporate social responsibility offices so that its employees are multipliers of the prevention of domestic violence, said Matilde Mendieta, deputy director for the Family during the certification event Social integration.

On the other hand, Jhon Jairo Quintero, training participant, highlighted this type of initiatives between the private and public sector for the benefit of families. I think this type of talk is very good because I can apply it by giving my children a good treatment and that they understand from the heart the message or correction we want to make them. Today we brought an exhibition of a handmade handmade fabric that we made during the workshop as a symbol of the families that weave and protect their environments. concluded Don Jairo Quintero, while presenting his fabric.

Finally, Angie Lizet Mahecha of the human resources area of ​​the hotel operates it, recognized this important strategy for families. For us it is an honor to have participated and to receive this beautiful project in being the first managers in the prevention of domestic violence.

The District Secretariat of Social Integration, confirms with this type of initiatives its commitment in the prevention of domestic and sexual violence in Bogotá.