January 2020

Concierge service Do you already know our concierge service?

The concierge is your best ally when it comes to turning your trip into a unique experience, so you can only dedicate yourself to enjoy. We give you some examples: If you are looking for a romantic getaway and want to surprise your partner with flowers and special dinner, our concierge can take care of both for you to enjoy and do not have to…

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Hotel sector is formed in prevention of domestic violence

Bogotá, June 23, 2017. For the first time the private sector of the hotel guild of Bogotá, joined the initiative of Bogotá Best for All, through the District Secretariat of Social Integration, to prevent domestic violence within and outside the family environments through the prevention strategy: Protective Environments and Safe Territories. The initiative was received by about 30 people from the Hotel the Opera, where…

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Green Runners: We are one of the environmental promoters

Learn more about this initiative in the following link:  http://www.green-runners.com/cundinamarcaesp.html