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The government unifies the color code for the separation of waste at the source throughout the country

This color code must be adopted by the municipalities or districts that carry out exploitation programs in accordance with their Integrated Solid Waste Management Plans (PGIRS) and will simplify the separation at home origin, preparing the country for development and implementation of new exploitation schemes, where efforts are unified among all the actors in the chain.

“This provision is framed within the National Strategy of Circular Economy established in the National Development Plan, which, as President Duque has said, must transcend from the enunciative to the real, involving all productive sectors, to achieve, from the operational point of view, produce conservation and conserving production. Likewise, it contributes to sowing in all the scales of production of the country the calls ‘9R’, within which they are; reduce, recycle and reuse, where proper separation of waste plays an important role, “said Minister of Environment and Sustainable Development, Ricardo Lozano.

Taken from: Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development

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‘National Single Format for the Presentation of the Rational Use of Plastic Bags Program’

Resolution 2148 of 2019 also establishes the National Single Format for the Presentation of the Rational Use of Plastic Bags Program and the progress report, in order to guarantee the homogeneous presentation of information by plastic bag distributors. in the country, such as chain stores, department stores, chain supermarkets, among others. Likewise, to facilitate the consolidation and analysis of the data by the competent environmental authorities.

It should be noted that the Program of Rational Use of Plastic Bags, is a management instrument regulated by Resolution 0668 of April 28, 2016, which must be formulated and implemented by the large distributors of plastic bags, and which seeks to sensitize the commercial sectors and to the final consumer of these bags, on the need to rationalize their use and minimize the use of those that are not reusable or for single use.

In addition to the above, the new resolution adds an obligation for the presentation of the annual report by distributors who are not required to submit the Program of Rational Use of Plastic Bags, which, from now on, in addition to informing the amount of bags sold at the payment points, they will have to calculate the annual percentage reduction of bags sold with respect to the base year (2015 or 2016, depending on the start of operation of commercial activities).

Sustainable Candelaria

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